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What happens if you don't treat dry eye syndrome?

Perhaps you, like many people, have ignored your dry eye symptoms. You may think it's not too bad, it will get better, or that you will tend to it later. It should come as no surprise then that with eye health, it's not a good idea to neglect it.

There is a significant risk in ignoring dry eye issues. Please address the problem promptly to maintain your quality of life and activities, such as reading. If left untreated, your eyes could become inflamed. It can lead to severe conditions such as conjunctivitis (a contagious eye infection), keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), and a corneal ulcer (an open sore on the cornea). Vision loss is also a possibility. Those conditions require more profound interventions, are uncomfortable, and need more treatment time. Plus, why suffer longer and allow it to worsen when something can be done about it immediately?

Did you know that dry eye syndrome can be prevented through proper diagnoses and treatment? A skillful practitioner will run tests to determine if you have low-quality tears. They will also evaluate your risk factors. For example, those with eye surgery, such as Lasik or cataract surgery, are more vulnerable to dry eye syndrome. There are many other factors that your practitioner will go over with you.

The bottom line with eye health is that it's best to catch dry eye issues early before it leads to complex problems. Even if you are unsure if you have dry eye syndrome, it's wise to get evaluated. Early intervention makes a load of difference.

After all, these are the eyes we are talking about. Please give them the attention they truly need. You'll be glad you decided to evaluate and treat dry eye syndrome.

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