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What are visual gymnastics?

Have you ever gotten a headache after sitting for long hours in front of a screen? You may have noticed vision changes after heavy periods of work. Perhaps you have red, dry, irritated, or stinging eyes? Then ocular gymnastics exercises can help you reduce dry eye symptoms naturally. And the good news is that these are quick and easy to incorporate into your daily life.


Many don’t even realize the tension we hold in and around our eyes. Take a moment and close your eyes. Using your fingertips, press and keep points below and above your eyes, around your eyebrows, and on your temples. Hold and breathe. Notice which areas are the tensest, and let it all go.

Ocular stretching

  • Hold your thumb 10–12 inches from your eyes and focus on it for 15 seconds

  • Next, gaze at something 10–20 feet away, and focus for 15 seconds.

  • Repeat five times, first with your thumb and then with a more distant object.

Eye rolling to reactivate circulation.

  • Gently look to the left and then to the right, and repeat a few times

  • Look up, then down, and repeat a few times.

  • Look to the upper left corner, then the lower right corner, and repeat. Repeat with the upper right corner and lower left corner.

  • Next, make 360-degree circles slowly with your eyes. If you notice a tight spot in your eye movements, you can gently move your eyes back and forth over them.

  • When finished, rub your palms together until they get warm, close your eyes, lay your warm palms against your eyelids, and drink in the warmth.

20-20-20 rule, when working in front of a screen or doing something very detailed with your eyes, every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Eye Blink Exercise – these are especially useful for people –most people—who forget to blink while concentrating on their work or while using a screen.

  • Open your eyes wide and blink rapidly ten times.

  • Close your eyes for 20 seconds and repeat 4-5 more times.

Unlike regular gymnastics, you can do these exercises anytime and anywhere. To truly see results, it’s recommended to do them multiple times per day. You can even schedule them as alarms on your calendar. Try them for two weeks and reevaluate.

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