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Intense Regulated Pulse Light Treatment, Everything You Need To know

Perhaps you’ve had a screening test and received a diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease and are contemplating getting treated with Intense Regulated Pulse Light Treatment . . . what a mouthful. Let’s demystify this.

Is it for me?

The most common cause of Dry Eye Disease is Meibomian gland dysfunction, which causes dry, red, itchy eyes. If the glands are clogged or not working correctly, your eyes will have an inadequate tear film, which can lead to other complications such as bacterial infection. Also, if you’ve tried artificial tears and they are ineffective, you may be a candidate for Intense Pulsed Light Treatment.

IRPL Therapy is an ideal enhancement for restoring the functioning of the Meibomian glands. When working correctly, the gland will secrete adequately and restore the lipid layer of the tear film for smooth blinking.

What is it?

IPL therapy was derived from skin treatments and is similar to IRPL treatments. The difference is the ‘R’ for regulated. The IRPL is better suited for treating dry eye disease since the pulses of light are regulated and better targeted to the problem area than the unregulated version. It is what it sounds like, a series of pulses of light directed at different areas around the eyes to create better flow and functioning of the glands and ease the discomfort of inflammation.

What is a treatment like?

The treatments are quick and painless. Your Dry Eye Expert will apply a gel around your eyes and fit you with protective goggles. They will send five flashes of light to areas around your eyes. Most clients feel relief after one session. Three total sessions are typically prescribed.

How long will it last?

This varies from person to person and takes into account lifestyle factors, underlying health issues, and the seriousness of the condition. The range is generally from 6 months to 3 years. It’s best to ask your Dry Eye Expert for their recommendation. Some clients return for a single follow-up session.

Are other modalities used?

Some patients may require additional treatments with warm compresses or eyelid scrubs. These are gentle modalities that can remove crusts and fight bacteria causing inflammation and discomfort in your eyes.

How can I find out more? For a screening test to see if IRPL Therapy is right for you, contact us at DryEye Innovators

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