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Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eye

Most people wearing contact lenses know they are at a greater risk for dry eye syndrome. If you already live with it, what choices can you make to optimize your contact lens-wearing comfort? We’ve been in touch with some contact lens manufacturers, and this is what we learned.

  1. The most common reason for developing dry eye syndrome with contact lenses is the evaporation of fluids from the eyes or sensitivity to the solution. Therefore, it’s essential to have a precise diagnosis to ensure that you wear the lenses and use the best solution for your eyes.

  2. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are the latest generation of new technologies and, for most people, are the most effective type of contact lenses for dry eye, let alone the most popular lenses sold in the USA. The benefits are more excellent oxygen permeability and less water evaporation, keeping your eyes moister for longer.

  3. If more oxygen can get through the lens and reach your cornea, there is less of a risk of developing an infection or other eye irritation. We recommend disposable for most people to prevent the buildup of irritating protein deposits. There are several options regarding various materials and the combination of solutions. You’ll have to work with your eye doctor to choose the best ones to meet your needs.

  4. This may sound unusual, yet the FDA has only approved phosphorylcholine-containing Proclear lenses for improved comfort with dry eye syndrome. They are an effective solution for some people, even though silicone hydrogel contacts are much more popular.

  5. Different contacts react differently to lens care systems. Their wettability (ability to spread moisture over the surface) varies by brand, as it does for both short and long saline soaks. Different solutions are suited for other materials of contact. Some people find specific solutions irritating. Work with your eye doctor to choose the right combination of lenses and solutions for you.

  6. Well-fitted bifocal contact lenses can be so convenient, and nowadays, the lenses are made of materials that are better at retaining moisture and clearing out deposits. Bifocal contact lenses can be purchased as silicone hydrogel and as Proclear lenses. Therefore, many people with dry eye syndrome can continue reaping the benefits of these lenses.

Work with your eye doctor to find the most suitable lenses and solutions to meet your needs. There are enough varieties on the market nowadays where most people can continue wearing contact lenses, even with dry eye syndrome.

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